Plummer Cobb is a writer and communications consultant based in Arlington, Texas.

The Hero's Journey

He was living his life just fine when The Others came up from the Underworld to steal and kill. He had no choice but to respond. His old teacher gave him the advice he needed to make the trek into the underworld. The way was difficult, and ultimately, he had to face down his own greatest fears. Just as he thought he would succeed, things began to go badly and all seemed lost. But the talisman his teacher gave him came to life, and so did he. He stopped the siege of the Underworld Others and blocked their way back to his world permanently, barely making it through himself in time before it closed forever. Back home, he was praised as a hero, and his journey was heralded throughout the land. He had no interest in being a hero, though. He shunned the attention and asked never to be bothered again. He would even call his experience a cliché.

The Cohort of Three

Going Home