Plummer Cobb is a writer and communications consultant based in Arlington, Texas.

Charlie and Pete Talk About Change

The porch is the place where Charlie and Pete talk about things.
It's summer and hot, but the fan and the iced tea help.
"You know, Pete," says Charlie, "it drives me crazy.
"What's that?"
"All this change. The woods just down the road are gettin' torn down for a subdivision. Change ain't always good."
"Well, Charlie," says Pete, "you're right. Change ain't always good. But it's inevitable. Gotta embrace it."
"Why? Them woods been there a hundred years. It ain't natural, all this change."
"We may not always like it, Charlie, but change is the most natural thing in the world. Them woods weren't always there. And all kinds of natural things bring about destruction. Fire, floods, tornadoes. And I mean, look at nature. Nothing doesn't change. Even rocks get worn down. Trees grow and die. The world turns, man. That's nature. Nothin' in the universe stands still forever. Change is the natural state of things, know what I mean?"
"Don't mean I have to like it."
"No, it don't. But that's the way it is."


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