Hey, Small Businesses and Startups! You need data-driven, strategy-oriented communications that actually get results that can be proven. I can help you with that.

  • Websites and Landing Pages - Launching or relaunching a website that needs a consistent brand voice that aligns with your overall business objectives and engages visitors? Have a product or service that needs a conversion-oriented landing page that translates into real actions? I write copy that connects psychologically with your audience. (It’s like telepathy, but real.)

  • Blogs and Newsletter Articles - You’re the subject matter expert. I’m the writer. Together, we’ll help you demonstrate your expertise and develop your reputation as a thought-leader in a way that establishes credibility and helps you gain market share.
  • Ebooks - You’ve been sitting on that book idea for a while, haven’t you? I can help you develop a path to completion, whether you plan to sell that book or use it as an enticing free download.
  • Email Marketing - If you already have a killer email marketing strategy in place, I can work with your existing data to help craft brand-consistent messages that get opens and clicks, generate leads, and convert visitors to buyers. (If you don’t already have a strategy in place, see below.) 
  • Social Media - You’ve been posting on social media but want better messaging that aligns with your brand, furthers your business objectives, and is focused on the big picture over time. I can analyze your existing data to craft posts that have the best chance of accomplishing your goals and save you time in the long run.


The pricing below is a guideline. Before we start working together, I will provide a totally clear estimate that details costs, deliverables, and deadlines. Sound good? Good.

copywriting: $300/page

Project types: web page (see my home page as a guideline), marketing campaign landing page, trifold brochure, ad/flyer/poster, email marketing message, voiceover copy ($300/minute of script).

Content Writing: 35-75¢ per word*

Project types: thought-leadership articles, blog posts, case studies, news releases, ebooks, and similar. (Example: I'd charge about $300 for my article "Kill Your Business Blog Now".) 

(*"Why such a broad price range for writing content?" Several factors can affect pricing: research vs. no research, writing from scratch vs. revision, whether it'll be a quick, light read or a dense, packed tome with hard-hitting points. Although pricing per word isn't an exact science, and isn't always the perfect correlation to the value those words bring, it's the best measure I've found so far. And it's much more fair than charging by the hour, which would mean you lose money if I'm not working efficiently. And you wouldn't want to pay more just because I didn't get enough coffee before I hit the keyboard in the morning, right?)